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How Are Your Copywriting Skills?

Copywriting SkillsLots of businesses are not aware of the importance and power of good copywriting. If you’re reading this though, it’s likely that you are… But how are your copywriting skills? Do you work on them? And how?

A lot can be learned by examining the competition, experimenting and split testing. But copywriting, like any other skill can be learned by studying it as well. There is nothing magical about it.

Some people think people are born as good salesmen and while this is true, it does not mean you can’t learn how to become a good salesman. The same holds true for copywriting which brings me to my next point…

While it is good to learn and improve your copywriting skills by trail and error, you can easily hit the ground running if you invest just a little bit of your time into studying the skill of copywriting.

Did you know that good copywriting can easily double the business of a lot of businesses that are currently unaware of it’s importance? This is no overstatement. So hopefully that gives you an idea of it’s importance. It can literally make or break your business.

My personal favorite book about copywriting is the book titled “Make Your Words Sell” by Ken Evoy. This is an introductory book for people new to the world of copywriting. It’s a fun read and it gives the reader a solid understanding of how to sell with text.

I also like the work of Joe Vitale, he focuses more on using hypnotic suggestions in your copywriting. After studying his material I applied what I learned to one of my lead generation landing pages and as a result my conversion rate trippled! Needless to say I was happy that I had taken the the time to invest in my copywriting skills