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Higher Payouts: Making Direct Deals With Advertisers

Direct Deals With AdvertisersIf you are currently running an offer on an affiliate or CPA networks then this article is for you. You do need to do some decent volume… But If you do you have the option to do direct deals with advertisers.

Making a direct deal with an advertiser is likely to result in an instant payout increase. It also opens windows to other lucrative possibilities. For example, recently I set up a deal that has enabled me to host and design the entire lead generation landing page myself (including the form that submits the user data).

This means I that I now have full control over the copy, and that I am not dependent on the advertisers copywriting skills anymore.

What can this mean to you?

In my particular case this meant a 124% bump in conversions. What it means to you depends on your situation, i.e. how good the copy of the advertiser is vs. your own copy. If you believe you can do a better job then the advertiser, then striking a deal like that cab be a very profitable thing to do.

For me, this was the natural progression:

I started by developing and improving the copy on my own landing page first. After it was optimized and preforming well I approached the advertiser and asked if I can “post the data” to their website. Posting the data to their website means that the form on my website submits the user data to their system.

Posting the data is pretty easy from a technical point of view You only need to understand HTML. If you don’t know HTML though you can also easily outsource it – it’s a simple job so should not cost much.

Do you have an offer that you can do this with? If so, why not contact the advertiser right now to see if you can go direct?

Here’s the email template that you can use:

Subject: Interested in Sending Traffic to {advertiser name}

Hi, I have been driving a lot of traffic to {offer name} via {affiliate network} (my affiliate ID there is AFFILIATE_ID).

Since my traffic seems to be well received I would like to take out the middle man and work with {advertiser name} directly.

[insert story about how much traffic you can deliver here, and some conversion stats]

Please let me know what is possible, I would like to set something up together.

Kind regards, NAME


I just found a good complementary post by Chad from CDFNetworks, he talks about the advantages vs. the disadvantages of going direct, something I didn’t touch on. Have a look here: Networks Versus Private Affiliate Offers.