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How To Instantly Increase Your Conversions

Increase Conversions Using Geo LocationHave you ever gotten an email with your name in the title?

I know it’s a silly question because everyone has. My point here though is…

What happens when you see or hear your name somewhere? Your attention level is raised right? Another related example of this is when you’re watching TV and you hear your city mentioned. It increases your attention level right? And here’s how you can use this to your advantage in marketing…

When you show your users their location in your text it is likely that it will raise their attention level because it is something that relates to them – it feels more targeted to them. There are many ways of integrating the visitors location in your text, your imagination is the limit.

You have probably seen those dating ads that show you pictures of people living in your area right? And you probably also know that this is no coincidence. They use the exact same tactic I’m discussing here. It’s called GEO location.

You basically insert a small snippet of code into your page that will display the location of the person that visits your website. For example “Find a Date in CODE_SNIPPET” becomes “Find a Date in [the visitor’s city]” or “Find a Date in [the visitor’s state]”. You get the idea.

This works particularly well in markets that are location sensitive. But if you’re creative you can take advantage of this in other markets that are less location sensitive as well.

So how do you do this?

There is more then one way to do this, but I chose to show you how to do it with This service is free and easy to integrate, and also very flexible in case you ever need more power.

You can use either PHP or Javascript to display the location of your visitors to your visitors. PHP is my preferred method because with PHP the location shows up immediately (with Javascript there can sometimes be a slight lag), and because with PHP other people visiting your site can’t see the script when they look at your source code (with Javascript they can).

I’ll show you how to do it with both though, because the PHP method does require your files to have the .php extension. And I realize that renaming files might not be a desirable thing to do if you have pages indexed and ranked in the search engines.

Integrating GEO Location with PHP

First paste this code snippet at the top your page (your page should have the .php extension):

Then anywhere within your page paste one or more of the code snippets below. The snippets should be self explanatory, but if not, experiment… You’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

That’s basically all there is to it. There is more power under the hood, but the code above should be all that’s needed for the majority of people using the geo location service.

Integrating GEO Location with Javascript

Doing this with Javascript is just as easy. First paste this line of code in the head of your page:

Then anywhere within your page paste one or more of the code snippets below:

That’s it, this tactic has the potential to instantly increase your conversions.

Why not try it now?


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